We Installed Along With His Buddy. Can I Apologize?

Reader Question:

We have preferred this person since September. We hooked up when on a random evening but proceeded chatting.

We partied with him and his awesome closest friend just who We finished up connecting with because the guy i prefer ended up being acting so cold. I am just eliminating my self thinking we destroyed every thing.

Can I apologize?

-Chanel (Calgary)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

Dear Chanel,

Darling lady, it’s not possible to take back a hookup!

Ladies may believe the sexual dual criterion (the one which offers males things for intimate experience and prizes females demerit points) was entirely erased.

But i’m right here to inform you it’s got just been erased within the heads of women.

Most men nonetheless think some women are good-for having sex with among others are great in order to have as a bi-curious girlfriend.

Having sex with him on a random evening had not been how to show you are sweetheart material.

And achieving intercourse along with his companion killed any chance you may have got.

Think of it this way: could you remain into him if he partied to you and your companion and finished up connecting together?

Lady, the next occasion, go slow. Behave the manner in which you want him to behave.

Men you should not fall in love through gender. They fall-in love through count on. And don’t trust a lady who’s easy.

Sigh, feminism would not reprogram the thoughts of men.

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